Self-adhesive tape for sealing


NICOBAND is a self-adhesive bituminous tape designed for sealing and waterproofing NICOBAND is composed of bitumen admixed with pure elastomers, protected at the top by a UV-resistant colored aluminum layer. At the bottom it is protected by an easy non-stick film
to be removed.

Nicoband Technonicol


The material can be used in renovations or new construction,
Both indoors and outdoors.

  • Easy to apply, it is used for sealing joints and is compatible with various types of materials (metal, wood, plastic, stone, concrete, bitumen and other substrates);
  • Special points such as chimneys, aerators, etc. in both flat and pitched roofs;
  • Repair of gutters and flashings;
  • Vapor barrier sealing;
  • Sealing of overlaps when laying the ashlar membrane
  • Waterproofing metal cold water pipes of plumbing systems;
  • Joint sealing of polycarbonate honeycomb panels;
  • Waterproofing of wooden artifacts, stone, brick or concrete structures (window frames, doors, etc.).

The laying surface should be clean, dry and without roughness.
Cut the tape to the desired length, remove the protective silicone fi lm from the bottom surface, and lay the product on the area to be used by adhering the tape with gentle pressure. If the temperature is below + 5 °C, it is necessary to bring the product to a room temperature room for at least 12 hours before using it.

The product can also be laid in subzero temperatures, but the laying area must also be heated to have perfect bonding. Avoid using the material on vertical or horizontal surfaces that can reach operating temperatures at about + 80 °C.

Nastro autoadesivo per sigillare
Nastro autoadesivo per sigillare Technonicol

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