Rock Wool

TECHNONICOL Rock Wool is a very effective insulation material that is able to retain air due to its interwoven fibers. In addition, being a high specific weight material, it possesses high thermal resistance, making it the perfect solution for improving thermal lag in wooden roofs.

Rock Wool is made from basalt and the addition of low-acid sedimentary rocks. With special additives and efficient, state-of-the-art production lines, we are able to produce a product with high physical/mechanical properties.



The technological processes for the production of TECHNONICOL wool are highly automated, and each stage of work undergoes rigorous quality control, from raw material to finished product.

In this way we are able to ensure the continuity of the high quality standards of our products.

The packages are shrink-wrapped and the pallets are further protected by another wrapping.

To preserve all product characteristics, it is essential that the packaging is not damaged during handling and storage.

Italiana Membrane Lana di Roccia

TECHNONICOL’s production process quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2015. Obtaining and maintaining this certification ensures the company’s effective process management and the consistency of product quality characteristics.

The environmental management system in rockwool production has been certified according to ISO 14001:2015 by the German Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH and certifies that all stages of management and production processes meet the highest international requirements of environmental regulations.
Control of these processes ensures the reduction of negative impacts on the environment, as well as the remediation and disposal of waste while complying with current regulations

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Lana di roccia acustico
Lana di roccia resistente

TECHNONICOL Rock Wool offers high resistance to heat transmission, which is achieved during the production of rock wool fiber waste.

This allows a large amount of air to be retained within the material.


is treated with water-repellent agents that ensure excellent durability of the material.

The interweaving of fibers allows for excellent combined thermal insulation and excellent breathability values, allowing the passage of vapor transmitted from the rooms below.


TECHNONICOL products fully meet the criteria for biological stability, which have been tested by trials in several qualified laboratories.

Rockwool limits the vital activity of bacteria, the formation of mold and fungi, and does not create a suitable habitat for insects and rodents.


The main raw material of our Rock Wool products is gabbrobasalt, which has a melting temperature above 1000°C.

TECHNONICOL Rock Wool is certified with class A1 fire resistance.


The fibrous structure of Rock Wool products allows for excellent acoustic and sound-absorbing properties.

TECHNONICOL products have excellent sound-absorbing characteristics over a wide range of frequencies, making it possible to decrease the level of airborne noise impact.


Respect for the environment is among the priorities of the TECHNONICOL Group, which is now one of Europe’s leading producers of Rock Wool.

TECHNONICOL is constantly improving its products and services, with modern facilities and eco-friendly technologies that can reuse production waste.


The high resistance to mechanical stress of TECHNONICOL Rock Wool is guaranteed by the fiber properties and material structure parameters, which are customized and set individually for each model in our range.


TECHNONICOL Rock Wool products are made from basalt rock and, like all natural minerals of this type, are distinguished by their high chemical resistance to various substances such as oils, solvents, paints, acids and alkalis.

Rock Wool is compatible with all types of building materials and can be commonly used in both the residential and industrial/commercial sectors.


Our Rock Wool meets the most stringent health requirements, which is why TECHNONICOL is registered with the EUCEB (European Certification Board for Mineral Wool Products), a certification body that verifies the compliance of products with the parameters set forth in Note Q of European Directive nr.1272/2008.

Therefore, all our products comply with health and environmental regulations, respecting health for humans and nature.

Technical and performance advantages

The range of products

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