Bituminous Roofing Tiles

SHINGLAS bitumen shingles are an extremely versatile roofing membrane with incredible advantages for many types of roofs.

SHINGLAS shingles are available in various patterns, shapes and colors, allowing great versatility for designers who wish to create a “different” roof with character and out-of-the-box design.

The top basalt granule finish is used as a protective layer, to make strong, original roofing tiles designed to last.

SHINGLAS bitumen shingles:

  • are coated with natural, nonflammable basalt granules;
  • They provide perfect protection from the sun’s UV rays;
  • easily withstand a variety of climatic conditions;
  • They give character and personality with their characteristic colorations and shapes;
  • The process of ceramization of the grit coating allows the color of the granules to remain unchanged over time.
Tegole Bituminose 1
Type of tiles

Type of tiles

SHINGLAS single-ply tiles are lightweight and flexible, with rectangular, rounded or hexagonal shapes.

Tegole a singolo strato
Tegole laminate

Laminated SHINGLAS sh ingles offer all the advantages of single-ply shingles, including design flexibility and ease of installation, but each ply increases the performance of the final product, which offers greater wind-tightness performance and other weather conditions.

Bituminous Roofing Tiles


Continent New


Jazz, Country

Jazz country

Sonata, Hexagonal

Sonata hexagonal

Western New




Tango, Beaver

Tango beaver

Four, 4 tabs

Quattro 4 tap

Bitumen shingles

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* Depends on the form of the cuts ( sonata, accord, trio, tango, delta )
a - self-adhesive foil plus additional thermo-adhesive pad
b - only thermo-adhesive pad

SHINGLAS bituminous shingles can provide waterproofing, but for greater assurance of water tightness in different weather conditions, the use of a waterproofing underlayment is recommended.

This special membrane should be applied to all areas of the roof that could be exposed to greater risk of infiltration, such as: eave line, compluviums, chimneys, skylights.

The waterproofing underlayment also has the function of temporary protection during the installation stages of the roofing and is an effective barrier for possible ice formation at the eave line.

LOGICROOF membranes are used for waterproofing foundations, tunnels and roofs of industrial, commercial buildings.

Thermal insulation systems made of insulating materials industrially coupled with waterproof membranes to protect against water and improve the energy performance of buildings.

LOGICROOF is the line of synthetic single-ply waterproofing membranes used to protect foundations, tunnels and roofs of industrial and commercial buildings.

Laminated shingles are composed of multiple layers, giving more rigidity, resistance to strong winds (as well as the most common weather conditions) and greater product longevity.

Bituminous primers,
mastics, protective coatings, encapsulants and liquid waterproofing agents for professional use.

Professional roofing accessories and equipment for installation and