TechnoNICOL was present at the Big 5

The largest construction industry event in Africa and the Middle East – Big 5 Exhibition – held in Dubai November 17-20, 2014. According to final figures released by fair officials, 2,747 exhibitors and 74,854 visitors from more than 124 countries participated.

Since 1979, the Big 5 fair has been an important event for the construction industry in the Middle East. Visitors were able to see all the new products in the construction industry including equipment, metal structures, thermal and acoustic insulation products, roofing waterproofing materials and air conditioning systems at the booths. Special attention on the problems of environmental safety, energy and water conservation.

A number of solutions for waterproofing and thermal insulation of roofs were presented at the TechnoNICOL booth. The products presented were specific to “hot countries” in particular the following materials were displayed:

  • Self-adhesive polymer bitumen modified membranes for root protection;
  • Synthetic PVC and TPO membranes – LOGICROOF for waterproofing roofs, underground structures and swimming pools;
  • Shinglas bituminous shingles in Jazz, Country and STANDARD series the most widely used in southern Europe.

The booth had many visitors who appreciated both the technical product brochures and the excellent technical-sales training of TechnoNICOL employees. The booth was visited by His Highness Sheikh Maktoum who showed great interest in our products.

The TechnoNICOL booth was visited by leading construction contractors, designers, architects, and engineering companies. From the processing of the 220 questionnaires distributed during the fair, some potential customers were identified in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and India.

Plastomer-modified distilled bitumen APP membranes especially the self-adhesive ones that are used for waterproofing roofing without the use of flame were appreciated by visitors to the booth. There is also particular interest among construction professionals in acoustic insulation for footfall noise from floors.

Visitors favorably rated the wide range of patterns and colors of Shinglas tiles. There was also great interest from guests in LOGICROOF synthetic membranes, which are used for waterproofing roofs, foundations, tunnels, basins, etc. They appreciated the physical and mechanical characteristics, variety of colors and thicknesses of these products. Notable attention to the LOGICROOF WHITE membrane, which has a high light reflection coefficient that is very important for “hot countries.”

Participation in this event enabled TechnoNICOL to expand and acquire new business contacts in the Middle East and North Africa.



LOGICROOF membranes are used for waterproofing foundations, tunnels and roofs of industrial, commercial buildings.

Thermal insulation systems made of insulating materials industrially coupled with waterproof membranes to protect against water and improve the energy performance of buildings.

LOGICROOF is the line of synthetic single-ply waterproofing membranes used to protect foundations, tunnels and roofs of industrial and commercial buildings.

Laminated shingles are composed of multiple layers, giving more rigidity, resistance to strong winds (as well as the most common weather conditions) and greater product longevity.

Bituminous primers,
mastics, protective coatings, encapsulants and liquid waterproofing agents for professional use.

Professional roofing accessories and equipment for installation and