Growth Champion 2021

It is with great pleasure that we inform you that TECHNONICOL ITALY is CHAMPION OF GROWTH 2021!

This award, recognized by the daily newspaper LA REPUBBLICA “AFFARI&FINANZA” together with the GERMAN INSTITUTE OF QUALITY AND FINANCE “ITQF,” is awarded after conducting a comprehensive study of Italy’s fastest-growing companies – THE CHAMPIONS OF GROWTH – and rewards the 400 most dynamic companies that have achieved sustainable and continuous growth over the three-year period 2016-2019!

The full ranking was published in the print version of the newspaper last Monday, Oct. 12.

We at TECHNONICOL ITALY , have in the last 3 years achieved +20% growth year on year!!! And therefore we want to thank all of you who choose us every day.
Special thanks must be given to the entire TECHNONICOL ITALIA team, who through their daily commitment and professionalism made it possible to reach this important milestone

Being part of this group of virtuous companies, representing the excellence of “Made in Italy” with the best of internationalization, is for us a source of extreme pride and a drive to do better and better, as well as a starting point to face together with you the demanding challenges of the future!



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