Technonicol products are suitable for the most difficult tests

May 31, 2014, the second Lithuanian Powerlifting Championships took place in Gargždai, Lithuania. One of the competitions in the competition was the displacement of a metal platform with waterproofing rolls, produced in the TechnoNICOL plant in Lithuania – MIDA LT.

The main qualities of the championship participants had to be strength and endurance. These parameters are also the most important ones for the waterproofing materials produced by TechnoNICOL. TechnoNICOL’s most reliable waterproofing membranes were used to select the strongest athletes.

Participants in one of the championship races were asked to move a metal platform 20 meters with 3 rolls of MIDA Technoelast, weighing about 150 kg. This contest was a real challenge for even the strongest men!

The winner of the championship was an athlete from Lithuania, who used TechnoNICOL materials in notable structures. The 2nd and 3rd places were shared by two athletes from Latvia.



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Thermal insulation systems made of insulating materials industrially coupled with waterproof membranes to protect against water and improve the energy performance of buildings.

LOGICROOF is the line of synthetic single-ply waterproofing membranes used to protect foundations, tunnels and roofs of industrial and commercial buildings.

Laminated shingles are composed of multiple layers, giving more rigidity, resistance to strong winds (as well as the most common weather conditions) and greater product longevity.

Bituminous primers,
mastics, protective coatings, encapsulants and liquid waterproofing agents for professional use.

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