TechnoNICOL Corporation strengthens international collaboration

TechnoNICOL Corporation expands its operations in Western Europe-acquiring Italian waterproofing products manufacturer- Italiana Membrane.

It’s official-ItalianMembrane, a historic Italian bituminous waterproofing company, has been purchased by TechnoNICOL and renamed TechnoNICOL Italia. The inauguration took place on September 11 at the plant in Pasiano di Pordenone, Italy. The event was attended by Friuli Venezia Giulia Region Vice-President Sergio Bolzonello, Pordenone Province Vice-President Giuseppe Verdichizzi, Pordenone Mayor Edi Piccinin, TechnoNICOL President Serghey Kolesnikov, TechnoNICOL General Director Vladimir Markov, and TechnoNICOL Italy Board Chairman Riccardo Sollini.

Italian management stressed the great importance of the event.

“In today’s difficult economic and political environment, we are pleased to strengthen cooperation between Russian and Italian manufacturers. Industry in the northern Italian regions is in the doldrums. It is very important that at such a difficult time for Europe there are companies that can create new jobs and invest in the development of production. The purchase by the Russian Group not only guarantees the continued opening of the production site, but also development in terms of employment, investment in research and innovation: it is a signal of great significance not only economically, but also politically and culturally,” said Giuseppe Verdichizzi.

The former Italiana Membrane, founded in 1988, specialized in the production and distribution of waterproofing and insulation products and was one of the leading manufacturers in Italy. In 2011 it had annual sales of about 50 mln euros and employed 70 people. Currently, 30 percent of material production is sold to countries outside Europe such as Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and the Nordic countries.

The stated goal for TechnoNICOL Italy is to reinvigorate its leading position in the domestic market, strengthen and expand its presence in the European market, reaching key positions in major European countries, and then move on to non-European markets.

Before buying Italiana Membrane, TechnoNICOL held a series of meetings with the unions and reached an agreement on the number of people to be absorbed, working conditions and wages. TechnoNICOL strictly adheres to this agreement. Over the next two years, upgrades will be made at the plant to increase production efficiency in order to reduce production costs. The total amount of investment is to be confirmed.

“Italian bituminous waterproofing manufacturers have always distinguished themselves as producers of high-quality materials, using advanced technologies and modern production lines. They are truly the leaders in this segment, and our company purchased one of the best manufacturers.

The historic Pordenone-based company is therefore starting again, not only with a new name, but with the strength of a solid international group behind it that will enable it to restore positions in traditional markets in the near future and to enter new countries, gaining market share currently held by competitors.” Sergei Kolesnikov, president of TechnoNICOL Corporation, announced this at the event.


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TechnoNICOL is Russia’s and Europe’s largest manufacturer of waterproofing materials, bituminous roof tiles, acoustic insulation, thermal insulation (extruded polystyrene foam, expanded polystyrene and rock wool) and has a full range of accessories to solve every waterproofing problem for flat and pitched roofs. The company was founded in 1992, and over the years has gained great experience in the production of building materials. It has several subsidiaries in 36 countries in Europe and around the world, exporting 35 percent of its production. Annual sales are about 1.5 billion euros. Overall are the employed more than 6,000. The group has 38 production units in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Italy, more than 50 business partners and more than 50,000 customers in Russia, Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Baltic Republics.



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