Reliable and modern roofing solution for University of Bari

The Università degli Studi di Bari or University of Bari in Italy was founded in 1925. It is a state-supported university, which is divided into 12 faculties. Each faculty has its own set of departments that focus on the arts, sciences, mathematics, social sciences, literature, medicine, law, and education.

In order to increase the service life of buildings and to create comfortable conditions for learning, the Institute periodically carries out modernization, using the latest technologies and solutions. The main goal for roof renovation of the Faculty of Economy's building was the refurbishment of waterproofing and the improvement of the energy efficiency of the building.


Thanks to the successful cooperation of Italiana Membrane representatives with experienced architects for the renovation of the roof was offered a reliable solution that will significantly improve the properties of the roofing system without additional costs for removing the old waterproofing. The thermal insulation (Polyurethane) is mounted directly on the old waterproofing material, on which are installed two layers of bitumen membrane.

Maintenance at all stages of the work - from the specifications of the roof elements to giving assistance for construction company at the site - will ensure the long service life of this educational building, as well as significantly reduce the costs of organizing comfortable conditions for university students and teachers.

SCUDOCENE P EXTRA 4 mm (3.500 m2 | APP -20°C)  |   SCUDOCENE P EXTRA 4.5 kg MINERAL (3.500 m2 | APP -20°C)