TN-Italia is among candidates for the award "Growth Champions 2021"

We are proud to inform what TECHNONICOL ITALIA has been selected as a candidate for the prestigious prize "Growth Champions 2021" - award for turnover growth leaders in Italy.

This prize is organized by German Institute of Quality and Finance ITQF together with the Italian National Newspaper La Repubblica A&F that awards the most dynamic Italian companies. The purpose of this award is to pay tribute to dynamic companies that are bringing a new impetus to the development of society and the economy. The companies with the highest turnover growth from 2016 to 2019 will be represented and awarded the Quality Mark in the special issue of La Repubblica Affari & Finanza in the fall of 2020 (both on paper and on-line version).


TECHNONICOL ITALIA has been selected among candidates at this prize because the Italian company register shows the strong growth of the turnover over last few years. Being nominated in the list of “Growth Champions”, it is a clear and official confirmation of the company's growth in its sector and, at the same time, recognition of its success in business.

We express our gratitude to all employees of TN-Italia for high level of professionalism, responsibility and conscientious work, which always contributes to the successful development of our common business. We wish good luck and believe that efficient work will be confirmed by a well-deserved award!