Download the new catalogue

We have the pleasure to inform you that we have updated our product catalogue with the following improvements:

Polymer Bitumen Membranes have been listed in a more organized and rational way, by grouping them into families as per their specific characteristics, therefore the browsing of products is easier. We also added new polymer bitumen membranes that obtained new approval certificates.

We have improved the Single Ply Synthetic Membranes section, as well as the Heat Insulation Materials one, which includes stone wool and laminated panels. We have added a new section on Vapor Control Underlays and enriched the ones on Liquid Products and Accessories. More technical details have been added to the Anti-Radon membranes and to Bitumen Shingles sections.

This update is a further step in the constant improvement of the new graphical presentation we have recently given to our products. A process that we started months ago with the new pallet cover and the packaging of our liquid products to highlight the ITALIANA MEMBRANE brand and its Italian character within the Technonicol group, which is gaining more and more success worldwide.

Download the new catalogue HERE