A new pallet cover

We have the pleasure to inform you that we have created a new pallet cover with an improved and attractive design. This new cover will also show some important pieces of information about the packed product and its storage. This is a confirmation of our commitment to improve our products and their image.

The clean and modern lines of the new graphic layout give the right emphasis to the packed products by showing their characteristics in a better way. This way our brand has a greater visibility at building sites or at retail shops.


We will put a white pallet cover on our bitumen membrane with mineral slates and a metallic grey cover on our plain membranes.

The new pallet cover is in line with the new graphical presentation we have recently given to our brand Italiana Membrane, to our technical and commercial documentation and to our internet web site. We are sure that this new presentation will make Italiana Membrane brand more important and highlight even more the Italian spirit inside the group we belong.

This new graphic layout will be applied soon also to all our range of liquid products thus showing a global image of our brand.

Thanks again for your help und trust,  ITALIANA MEMBRANE