Stone wool is a highly effective insulating material. By heat efficiency, it is ready to compete with the reference insulator – air in a stationary state. High resistance to heat transfer is achieved by retaining a large amount of air in a stationary state within the insulation using closely intertwined the finest fibers of mineral wool.

TECHNONICOL heat insulation based on stone wool is popular because of its technical and performance advantages, created during the production stage. Competitive price, uncompromising quality and numerous operational advantages made TECHNONICOL basalt-based non-flammable insulation to be the best choice for our customers.


  • EFFECTIVE HEAT INSULATION TECHNONICOL stone wool is a high-efficiency heat insulation material. High resistance to heat transmission is achieved because the finest intertwined mineral wool fibers retain a large amount of air inside the material.
  • FIRE SAFETY The main raw material of stone wool products is gabbro-basalt rocks. Thanks to this, all TECHNONICOL products are non-flammable. The fiber melting temperature exceeds 1000°C, which makes it possible to use the stone wool products in a wide range of working temperatures.
  • DIMENSIONAL STABILITY High mechanical stress resistance of TECHNONICOL materials is ensured by the fiber properties and stone wool structure. These parameters are set individually for each type of material, depending on the heat insulation’s intended use.
  • VAPOR PERMEABILITY Vapor permeability of TECHNONICOL stone wool is high, materials do not retain the moisture coming from the premises in the form of vapor created by human activities. The heat insulation remains dry practically always.
  • POWERFUL SOUND ABSORPTION The fibrous structure of stone wool products secures excellent acoustic and sound-absorbing properties of the material. TECHNONICOL products have high sound-absorbing ratios in the broad range of frequencies, which decreases the level of airborne and impact noise in various sound-insulating structures: partitions, floors and others.
  • WATER REPELLENCY All TECHNONICOL heat insulation materials based on stone wool are treated with water-repelling agents that give waterrepellent properties to the insulation. The presence of moisture in the insulation affects its heat properties, term of service and the indoor climate. If a heat insulation damp, usually, the it needs to be replaced.
  • CHEMICAL RESISTANCE TECHNONICOL products are manufactured of basalt stone. Natural minerals of this group are notable for their high chemical resistance to various substances: oils, solvents, paints, acidic and alkaline. Stone wool can be safely used together with any types of construction materials as well as corrosive filters in many branches of chemical industry.
  • BIOSTABILITY TECHNONICOL products fully meet the biological stability criteria, which was proved with numerous tests and trials as well as with the field data. Stone wool canoffset the effect of various macro- and microorganisms: the material does not provide conditions for the vital activity of bacteria, mold, fungi, and is not attractive as an environment for insects and rodents.
  • ECOLOGICAL COMPATIBILITY Environment safety is one of priorities and a goal of innovations. The company’s plants reuse the production waste. Being one of the major European mineral wool producers, TechnoNICOL constantly improves its products and services, using modern equipment and implementing eco-friendly technologies.

All the products comply with sanitary and environmental standards, are safe for human health and nature, passed the complete cycle of certification, both obligatory and optional.