Extruded polystyrene is one of the most efficient heat insulation materials in the construction market and it is widely used for heat insulation of foundations, roofs, floors, pipelines, roads and railways.

TechnoNICOL company specialists developed a unique technology for producing extruded polystyrene slabs with nanoscale carbon materials. This will significantly increase the heat efficiency of the material to increase its strength, provide a low coefficient of water absorption.


  • EFFECTIVE HEAT INSULATION TECHNONICOL extruded polystyrene has a uniformly distributed closed-cell structure. Thanks to it provides high thermal properties and physical and mechanical properties.
  • HIGH FROST RESISTANCE Extruded polystyrene may be used in the temperature range from -70 to +75 °C, it allows the use of material in all climatic areas of Europe.
  • HIGH STRENGTH The strength of extruded polystyrene TECHNONICOL CARBON is from 25 to 50 t/m2, it is fully complies with the most stringent requirements for heat insulation materials.  SUSTAINABLE All TECHNONICOL materials are subject to strict sanitary and epidemiological control to obtain the corresponding conclusions.
  • USEFUL LIFE 40 YEARS Extruded polystyrene TECHNONICOL CARBON has high performance characteristics: durability is at least 40 years.
  • MINIMAL WATER ABSORPTION Slabs TECHNONICOL CARBON have minimal water absorption, so its insulating properties remain unchanged throughout the life cycle.
  • EASY INSTALLATION The slabs of extruded polystyrene are easily cut, quickly and securely installed using adhesives or mechanical fasteners.
  • BIO-RESISTANT TO MOLD FUNGI Extruded polystyrene is TECHNONICOL CARBON biological stability to molds - the most active destructors.
  • EXACT DIMENSIONS The accuracy of the geometric dimensions of heat insulation boards can improve the speed of installation, quality of work.
  • RESISTANT TO RODENTS Extruded polystyrene TECHNONICOL CARBON not a breeding ground for rodents.

Constantly increasing production capacity, continuously improving technology and processes, we were able to significantly reduce costs, reduce the density of the product (the main factors affecting the cost of production) while improving key performance extruded polystyrene.