Tegola Shinglas

SHINGLAS flexible singles are the perfect roofing material, allowing you to fulfill all of your architectural ideas and fantasies and to create a unique image for your home. Whether you have a cottage, a vacation home or a summer cottage house, you will be able to choose from a variety of colors and shapes for the cut of the exact type of shingle that will individualize your home and provide harmony with the surrounding landscape.

Flexible shingles or bitumen shingles are sculpturally cut shingles. The shingles have a fiberglass mat base, and they are coated on both sides with a special bituminous mixture. The shingles on their front side have a colored facing. It is due to this that the flexible shingles achieve their high aesthetic qualities. Stunning dark blue... passionate red-cinnamon... sweet olive... a huge range of colors will allow you to implement the design of your home in any style: from the Baroque to Gothic, from classical to hi-tech.


1. Gable grating
2. Dormer window
3. Eave trough
4. Downpipe
5. Hood mold
6. Frontal board
7. Asphalt compound
8. Self-adhesive membrane
9. Underlay membrane
10. Valley membrane

11. Wood decking
12. Hole for ventilation pipe
13. Ventilated ridge
14. Continuous ridge vent
15. Aerator
16. Abutment from valley membrane
17. Abutment slat
18. End slat
19. Air gap in solid base
20. Thin batten

21. Counter batten
22. Superdiffusion membrane
23. Thermal insulation
24. Truss principal
25. Vapor barrier
26. Counter insulation
27. Metal wire d=2 mm,
pitch 250 mm, or special screen
28. Two layers of gypsum plasterboard

Flexible shingles are installed on roofs of any complexity and configuration, right up to domes and onion-shaped roofs. That is why it first found recognition in one-storey America, and it is increasingly gaining popularity in Russia and Europe. The hermetic seal of your roof is assured! The installation is so simple that any person can do it.