The coarse-grained dressing compound (slate) is used for ultraviolet exposure protection of polymer-bitumen binder. At that, slate is painted in various colors that will help possible aesthetic problems. Standard colors include natural gray, red, green and white, while other colors are available on request. The use of hydrophobized slate ensures that the moisture does not reach the binder and increases the adhesion of slate to the material thereby increasing the life expectancy of the roof covering.


New eco-friendly products line ENVIRO have a real impact on the environment, help to purify the air in cities and have a positive impact on energy efficiency thanks to the finish surface with special additives. WHITE - surface with white high solar reflection helps to obtain the «Cool Roof» effect on the flat roof. BLACK - roof covering with black surface provides an energy-efficient effect. Roofing material AIR has a positive effect on the reduction of nitrogen oxides NOx in the air. The main fighter against nitric oxide NOx is titanium dioxide TiO2 with special binder additives. FOREST surface with additives against the overgrowing with moss and vegetation.



  • fine-grained sand or talcum are used for installation of the subsequent (top) layer on cold- and hot-applied mastics;
  • fine-grained sand improves coupling of waterproofing system’s layers.


    • anti-adhesion polymer film prevents the material from sticking to the roll;
    • indicator of the proper heating of the material at torch-on application (for the materials with graphic on the bottom side of the roll). It is ready to be welded when graphic is deformed but visible.


Surface with longitudinal streps of special elastomeric compound having some breakes and covered by anti-adhesive polypropylene film. This surface allows to equalize the pressure of the vapor, that accumulates under the roof cladding.


Special bituminous adhesive compound, protected with easily removable siliconized film. Is used where the standard torch-on application is forbidden (wooden base, extruded polystyrene).


Polypropylene (Spunbond) makes material non-slippery in different weather conditions.


Is specifically designed for use as the perforated venting underlay, ensures an even distribution of the points of adhesion.