Used in cottage and low-rise building construction, both in reconstruction and in new buildings of various purposes as underlay waterproofing membrane in structures of pitched roofs for bitumen tile, composite tile, metal tile, bitumen corrugated sheets or natural tile.

  • Lightweight material is easy to install on the slope.
  • Non-slip surface ensures safety works on the roof and UV protection.
  • High quality bitumen-polymer compound has the property of «self-healing», which gives absolute tightness in places of nail penetration.
  • Due to the high heat resistance and fl exibility UNDERLAY PRO 500 retains the original properties even when exposed to extreme temperatures.
  • UNDERLAY PRO 500 can be used as a temporary roofing.
  • Versatility - material UNDERLAY PRO 500 is used on any type of roofing.

Protection surfaces of the material are made from polypropylene and sand, polypropylene (Spunbond), wich makes material non-slippery in different weather conditions. For easier installation material has self-adhesive strips on both sides of the material.

ProductThicknessRolls per palletLength
UNDERLAY PRO 500 S 0.5 kg 35 25 m
UNDERLAY PRO 500 0.5 kg 35 25 m
Intended use in accordance with CE