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TECHNONICOL ENVIRO - a new line of polymer-bitumen materials, created with care and keeping in mind future of our planet. The roof can have a real impact on the environment, help to purify the air in cities and have a positive impact on energy efficiency. We prove that a roof can be green not only in colour.

TECHNONICOL ENVIRO AIR has a positive effect on the reduction of nitrogen oxides NOx in the air. The essence of the method consists in the oxidation of substances on the catalyst surface under theaction of ultraviolet radiation. Harmful organic and inorganic pollutants, bacteria and viruses, adsorbed on the surface of TECHNONICOL ENVIRO AIR. The process is activated when UV-radiationfrom the sun hits the titanium dioxide particles, releasing energy for breaking down the NOx particles.Polluted air passes over the TECHNONICOL ENVIRO AIR membrane where the NOx are converted into harmless levels of water, carbon dioxide and nitrates, which are washed away by the rain water.

TECHNONICOL ENVIRO WHITE helps to obtain the «Cool Roof» effect thanks to the surface with high solar refl ection. The solar reflection of the material with a white surface is much higher than that of any other color. As a result, the roof covering is not heated and at the space under the roof (attic or utility room) remains at a comfortable temperature.

TECHNONICOL ENVIRO BLACK provides an energy-efficient effect due to the fact that in winter during sunny days the roof covering with black surface absorbs the solar heat. As a result, the roof covering heated and, by heat exchange, the temperature in the space under the roof (attic or utility room) rises.

TECHNONICOL ENVIRO FOREST is polymer - bitumen waterproofing cap sheet with additives against the overgrowing with moss and vegetation. In case of precipitation it will be enriching copper ions, and copper has antifungal properties and inhibits the germination of mosses.

ProductThicknessRolls per palletLength
ENVIRO AIR 5.0 kg 23 8 m
ENVIRO WHITE 5.5 kg 23 8 m
ENVIRO BLACK 5.5 kg 23 8 m
ENVIRO FOREST 5.0 kg 23 8 m