1381-CPR-392 - EN 13707


SCUDOART ADHESIVE is an elastoplastomeric membrane (APP) with high performance stabilized spunbond polyester and mineral granules on top. The bottom surface and the selvedge have the special self-adhesive bituminous compound covered with siliconized release film, to be installed without use of gas flame. The product is fast applied by pressure directly onto the underlayer and on the self-adhesive selvedge of the adjoining roll, after releasing the protective siliconized film.

End lap joints can be fully welded using a hot air gun, melting the compound of both the lower(mineral) and upper sheet and pressing it directly onto the mineral surface of the lower sheet.

MECHANICAL FIXING: It is recommended to use mechanical fasteners along the side laps of mineral sheets. The number of fasteners depends upon roof pitch, general wind conditions and the roof areas where membranes are installed. On perimeter walls and vertical surfaces, nailing every 15÷20 cm is recommended. Place nails 5cm from edge.

ThicknessRolls per palletLength
4.5 kg 23 10 m
Intended use in accordance with CE
Cap sheet membrane