1381-CPR-392 - EN 13707


SCUDOART is an elastoplastomeric membrane (APP) with high performance stabilized spunbond polyester and mineral granules on top. Highest waterproofing performances together with premium quality roof decoration. Low slope and pitched roofs will be enhanced by elegant colorful design and long-lasting water protection.

  • SCUDOART membranes can be installed on all typical roof slopes, both commercial and residential, and can also be used in external vertical surfaces.
  • SCUDOART membranes provide the roof with an elegant finishing touch which blends perfectly with different architectural surroundings.
  • SCUDOART membranes allow a higher speed of application and better waterproofing results when compared with traditional roof coverings, i.e. shingles or tiles.
  • SCUDOART membranes give you a great performance at a lower price.
  • SCUDOART membranes, as they are lighter in weight when compared to shingles and tiles, are perfect for refurbishment of roofs of old buildings, whether they are constructed of brick-cement of wood.
ThicknessRolls per palletLength
4.5 kg 23 10 m
Intended use in accordance with CE
Cap sheet membrane