SCUDOTENE BV ALU is a self-adhesive SBS modified bitumen membrane, reinforced with fiber glass mat and aluminium foil, suitable for use as a vapour barrier. Membrane is used where the standard torch-on application is forbidden (wooden base, extruded polystyrene foam). Can be used as underlay on the pitched roof. This smooth surface membrane is coated on top with polyethylene film.

Special bituminous adhesive compound, protected with easily removable siliconized film, is used on the bottom surface.


  • Safety application - The membranes are applied without the use of fl ame and particular places are joined with hot air or adhesive bitumen mastics.
  • Speed and facility in use - After accurate alignment of the sheets - simply remove the silicone fi lm (pre-cuted) and adhere the membrane to the surface.
  • Caring about the environment - The use of cold-applied materials occurs without fl ue gas, odors and noise.
ThicknessRolls per palletLength
2 mm 25 15 m
Intended use in accordance with CE
Vapor barrier