Needled and hot-calendered nonwoven polyester geotextile.

It is used as a protection and separation layer in built-up waterproofing systems, and for containment and drainage in road construction, railways, earthworks, foundations and support structures, drainage systems, erosion control, reservoirs and dikes, canals, tunnels, landfills and liquid waste containment projects.

Ideal for installation with mechanical retention. Laid dry, overlapping sheets by 10 to 15 cm.

Product must be covered within one day after installation.


ProductThickness, mm

Mass per unit
area, g/m2

Tensile strength L/T, kN/m

Elongation L/T, %

Resistance to static
loading, N

LAERTEX 300 2.40 300 22/22 60/80 3700
GEOFIX 300 1.45 300 22/22 50/60 3700