TechnoNICOL Italia

Competence of employees, professional technical consultations, development of new materials in our own R&D centers, quality products and solutions - all these allow TechnoNICOL to approach each client individually. And help us meet every customer’s expectations and needs. Cooperation with design institutes and architectural offices allows the Corporation to react flexibly and quickly to changes in the consumers demand.

Thanks to several improvements within the organisation and facility on a long-term base in 2004 Italiana Membrane was granted the environment certification UNI EN ISO 14001.

Since 1997, when the company became UNI EN ISO 9001 certified, Italiana Membrane strictly complies with the quality standards provided by this international requirement.

According to Construction Products Directive CPD 89/106/EEC, in 2006 the company has been certifi ed to the Factory Production Control no. GB 06/69406 for the CE marking of the products according to EN 13707, EN 13969 and EN 14695 standards.

Furthermore the research and development laboratory, has obtained many product certifications issued by prestigious Italian and foreign institutes:

  • Material RADONSTOP is an effective protection against radon, providing isolation of inner premises from the gas and water. Its effectiveness is confirmed by tests of the CSI Institute.
  • The efficiency of reducing NOx when using material ENVIRO AIR is proven by the Laboratory of Photocatalysis, Institute for Technical Chemistry (Hannover, Germany).
  •  Root resistant membranes SCUDOGARDEN PP has passed the test according to EN 13948. The certifi cation was released by the Institute of Horticulture, UAS Weihenstephan - Triesdorf.
  • The fire-resistant waterproof membranes are tested accoring to Broof (t2) and correspond to the Euroclass of fire safety of building constructions.
  • Some materials have obtained BBA (British Board of Agrément) certificates - recognised throughout the construction industry as a symbol of quality and reassurance.
  • DVT (Documento di Valutazione Tecnica) is voluntary certification issued by ITC ( Italian Institute for construction). DVT covers voluntary aspects not covered by CE marking and it is important document for the Italian market mainly. Membranes with DVT certificate are the top quality membranes.

Italiana Membrane will continue to maintain the production’s quality standards and, thanks to the cooperation and the exchange of technology between the technical specialists, TechnoNICOL will have the opportunity to expand their assortment of products and propose new solutions for waterproofing.